PetWill Enables Anyone To Instantly Plan For Their Pet's Future Using A Smartphone Or Computer. We Happily Share 15% Of Revenues For Every PetWill Your Pet Parents Purchase.
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Our Affiliate Program rewards members for submitting referrals that become new customers of PetWill.

With PetWill Affiliate Rewards You Earn 15% Of Every PetWill You Help Sell.

This is considered one of the most lucrative and generous referral commission rates anywhere. Some examples of how much you can earn:

  • A pet owner purchases a PetWill for one pet for $15.95. You would have earned $2.39.
  • A pet owner purchases a PetWill for $15.95 plus a duplicate Pet ID Tag for $9.95 for a total purchase price of $25.90. You would have earned $3.88.
  • A pet owner purchases a PetWill for three pets for $15.95 plus $9.95 for the second pet and $9.95 for the third pet and buys three duplicate Pet ID Tags for $9.95 each for a order total of $65.70. You would have earned $9.85.

How To Send Us Referrals

We’ve made it easy to share your URL. You can choose to mention your unique PetWill Affiliate ID through word-of-mouth, posted at your physical place of business, through your Website, blog and/or email newsletter, by emailing your list directly and sharing with friends and colleagues through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus, Tumblr and other social media channels. If they respond by clicking your unique Affiliate ID link, and making a purchase on their first visit, you earn 15% commission for each sale.

How We Handle Your Payouts

Once you successfully sign up to be a PetWill Affiliate, you will receive a welcome email with everything you need to get started. Please login to your PetWill Affiliate Account and securely enter your bank account information. Once you start earning commissions you will receive your money via an ACH Bank Transfer (from our account to yours) every 30-45 days. Payment will not occur until your referred customer(s) have purchased their PetWill. So if your users simply visit the Website and do not purchase, you will not receive any funds. You must also have a minimum of $30 (thirty) US Dollars in cumulative commissions earned before you will be paid. For our detailed Affiliate Program's Terms of Use, please click here.

  • Your Business Can Be Listed As A Caregiver For Each Pet With Your Contact Information
  • We Help You Retain Your Clients And Prevent Lost Revenue
  • Created By Renowned Estate Planning Attorneys And Animal Law Experts
  • Our Pet Trust Is Valid In All 50 States And The District Of Columbia
  • Helps Others To Contact Owner And Guardians When Pets Are Lost
  • Enables Funds To Be Left For Pets That Can Be Used To Pay For Your Services
  • Allows Pet Parents To Name Up To 3 Legal Guardians For Each Pet
  • Your Team Knows Each Pet's Other Caregivers And Emergency Contacts
  • Records Each Pet's Needs, Allergies, Vet Info, Diet, Medication And Care Instructions
  • A PetWill Compliments Existing Wills And/Or Trusts To Provide Direct Protection For Pets
  • Each Pet Gets A Stainless Steel Or Hard Plastic ID Tag Linked 24/7 To Their Online Profile
  • Shares Revenues With Animal Shelters And Rescues In Local Areas
  • Pet Parents Can Sign Up, Edit And Print By PC, Smartphone or Tablet Instantly
  • Offered At Only $15.95 For The First Pet, Additional Pets only $9.95 Each

Watch How You Can Save Lives And Make Extra Money Today!

Shares 15% Of Revenues
With You For Every PetWill You Help Sell
We Made It Simple And Rewarding For Your Team And Clients
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Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, people click on your unique PetWill Affiliate ID link to make their purchase.
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Our system tracks everything and gives you full reports. Our affiliate management system sends you fast and direct payments.
Step 3
Create new income, keep the clients you have, reach new clients and protect your clients' pets.
Build On Your Strengths And Benefit From Ours. Even More Reasons To Become A PetWill Affiliate.
  • GET PAID FAST: We make accurate and secure payments directly to your bank account once per month.
  • GET SET UP INSTANTLY: Sign up using your Smartphone or computer and get your affiliate link immediately.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT: We are here to provide you with amazing support and sales guidance.
  • REAL-TIME REPORTING: Know how many people viewed your link, bought a PetWill and much more useful data.
  • CONNECT WITH PET PARENTS: Your clients will love that you are informing them about a product designed to save their pet's life.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Rest easy knowing PetWill is managed by world-class engineers, attorneys and executives.


A Mutual Goal To Document Each Pet's Needs & Emergency Contacts

Together we can establish PetWill as a must for every pet. We've taken a complicated $3,000 legal process and made it simple for anyone for only $15.95!
Consider their pets part of their family
Pet Parents surveyed would buy a PetWill
We supply you with marketing materials and have a brand your customers love. They can buy PetWill at your location or through your websites and social media. You earn 15% from each sale.
PetWill Lets You Know The Most Important Details About Your Customer's Pets So You Can Rest Easy. While Earning Additional Revenue.
Alexander Farr, Founder & President