Rocco's Description

We think Rocco was born in 2010. Neutered, purebred French Bulldog. Dark gray coat, blue eyes, a cropped tail and his tongue sticks out a bit.

Pet Owner

Jennifer Williams
21 Main Street
Tel One: 314.5557788

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Don Wiliams
Tel: 314.555.7799

Care Instructions

Needs three 15-minute walks daily. Loves squeaky toys, tennis balls & his bed. Sensitive to noises & cold weather. Needs sweater when its colder. Only walk him with his collar, tag and harness. Be careful around bigger dogs. He is good with kids and cats. He is crate-trained.


Hillstone Natural Dog Foods Lamb and Buffalo Recipe Feed three times per day about 1.5 cup each time. Treats are Red's Organics Beef jerky or Salmon jerky. three Blueberries or a small slice of apple few times a week.

Medications & Allergies

One pill Levothyroxine in AM One pill Carprofen afternoon One PetWell Multivitamin daily Prescriptions at 1.800.4PETRX Allergic to chicken, pollen & smoke

Veterinarian's Contact Information

Dr. Pat Davis 323 Spring Street St. Louis, MO 63112 314.555.9318

Additional Information

License & Microchip
St. Louis County
Dog license #34020089
VerifyChip #458294865

Caregiver Info
Sharon's Pet Grooming
Dogorama Dog Walking

Final Disposition Of The Pet
Communal Cremation